Apartment house Rejštejn


Land size350 m2
Built-up area155 m2

Detail of project

In the foothills of Šumava, close to the Losenice river, in the picturesque town of Rejštejn, we discovered an old house. An old house, located in Kašperskohorská Street, which hid new potential. A relatively large cellar made for archiving good wine, three floors for nice living. The aim of our design was to dust off and revive the building so that it would fit into the quiet town and its dignified beauty would stand out. The design also envisaged exploiting the potential of the total 330m2 of floor space, which includes a generous attic.

The appearance of the building was designed very conservatively towards the street with an attempt to return the main street facade to its former beauty, articulation, and stucco decoration. The courtyard was finished with shingle siding, which is typical of Sumava. The façade cladding thus corresponds with the roof covering and underlines the effort to moderate the expression of the building combining only 2 predominant exterior materials. The attic is extended with two dormers, which by using aluminium window frames of continuous windows refers to the present and its material preferences. This creates an appealing combination of old and new, historic and modern.

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