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For us, architecture is both a creative art and an honest craft, a science and a technical discipline. We perceive overlaps into other social sciences – sociology, psychology.

Our designs are characterised by a high degree of context with the wider relationships in the locality, the context with the surrounding area, the surrounding buildings, but most importantly they respond to the orientation and topography of the particular site. The resulting building always meets the client’s brief; very often, however, it surpasses it and becomes the client’s dream come true.

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Our construction division makes the dreams we have designed for our clients come true. We emphasize not only the quality of the final work, but also the organization of the construction in terms of finance and time.

We know how important it is to prepare a building well, so planning is given extra attention. The quality of the work carried out, the deadlines met and the budgeted costs met are essential objectives in the implementation.

We are

Our development activity is built on two basic pillars – quality architecture and precise construction activity. Many years of experience in the industry give us the necessary insight.

Experience in the industry gives us the necessary perspective and at the same time can subject all plans to critical and humble evaluation. A fundamental criterion for all our development projects is the impact of the project in a societal and especially environmental context.

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