Training Center


Land size- m2
Built-up area230 m2

Detail of project

The requirement of the owner of the tyre service centre was to create a modern training centre for the training of alignment of all types of cars. The specific task was to combine the pleasant interior space of the training centre with the indoor industrial space of the original tyre workshop. Demands were placed not only on the design of the new interior, but especially on the functional side of things (acoustics) and also on the technology (heating, electrical).

We managed to create a representative airy training centre with modern facilities for trainers and trainees. A modest colour scheme was used, in line with industrial design, while the company’s red colour was chosen as the dominant colour, which is also used on the geometry measuring machines.

The resulting space thus meets the requirements of an operation where the administrative function meets the production component. It was possible to meet the requirements for rapid heating of the space with hot-air gas thermometers, the lighting requirements were met by the use of suspended ramps with spotlights and the acoustics were provided by additional loudspeakers.

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