Family house Jesenice


Land size700 m2
Built-up area201 m2

Detail of project

The requirement for the family house in Jesenice was to create a home. A home for a four-member household that would provide each member with privacy, but at the same time create a generous common space for spending many moments together.

The design worked with two floors, creating a generous common area on the ground floor with a kitchen, dining room and living room, while creating an east wing with a study and parents’ bedroom. The upper floor housed the children’s rooms, a guest room and a multifunctional hall – study, reading room.

The very well-situated plot with a favourable orientation significantly supported the whole design concept, which is generous in layout. Its form and material solution is distinctive and brings a new concept of a two-storey building, where form follows function and at the same time declares unity in the overall design solution.

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