Interiors for Apartment house Rejštejn

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For the Apartment House in Rejštejn we have prepared interior designs in the past weeks, which we feel great about. It's going to be a great project.

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The interior of the apartment house corresponds to and develops the overall concept of the building, where the old house in Šumava is adapted to the requirements of 21st century housing and buildings.

The architecture of the house restores valuable original elements and complements them with contemporary ones. The result is a house with a characteristic atmosphere, the original articulation of historic windows and the purity of the interior spaces, whose layout is open and the interior spaces intermingle. The original historic facade is complemented in the dialogue by the facade tiles, which are repeated in the interior on the tiles and sliding walls.

The interior builds on the quality materials of the wooden floors and windows, the squeegees in the bathrooms and the custom-made furniture, whose main material is multi-layered spruce plywood, thus returning the local material to the building.

The individual apartments are complemented by shared facilities of a bike/laundry room, sauna, reading room, lounge. In the attic there is a generous 4-room apartment with a view open roof and large dormers overlooking the Šumava landscape.

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